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Spring is in the air

About 2 weeks ago spring started coming about. I can feel its warmth and delight that it brings. The air and energy of spring is one like no other. The funny thing is, it is still winter and yet, we can start to feel spring coming about 5 weeks before it actually does.

I find it interesting how it can be 30 degrees out with a very cold wind chill and yet the warmth of the sun and the feeling/energy of spring warms us with her spirit. This makes it feel more like 40 degrees or maybe even makes the cold more tolerable because it feels so nice.

As we say goodbye to February and hello to March we have much to look forward to in the coming month.

I look forward to daylight savings time and the first day of spring. We may lose an hour of sleep but we gain more sunlight and time we can spend outdoors. We also get to look forward to the buds on the trees and plants, and the start of nature waking up from her cold, dark winter. As things thaw out and we notice the defrosting, we will also see more animals waking up, butterflies and other bugs, a nice strong sun (with great vitamin D) and so much more.

We, like our animal friends, are also taking time to wake up and thaw after a long winter. We might have spent more time sleeping, resting, eating hardy foods and just essentially hibernating. And now that spring is peeking in, we might be feeling more alive in the sense that we want to make some changes to our routine. We might start craving more water, fitness and movement, lighter foods, and the like. Almost like we are really “waking up” and coming alive.

Give yourself a good long stretch, like the one you have after a great night sleep and start enjoying the feeling that springtime brings us as she starts to awaken our energy.

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Earth Shifts & Vibes – Something Was “Off”

I wanted to share something I experienced last week that you might find interesting.

I was trying to get some work done on Friday (2/16/18) morning and trying to also get it done on a deadline. Around 12:30pm I got a wave of something that just made everything seem “off” and I started feeling funky. After my work was done, despite feeling “off” I decided to run out and do errands anyway. One of my errands was picking up my prescriptions at the pharmacy.

I got to the pharmacy (around 2:15pm) and I was standing in quite a line. You know – that line where everyone decided to pick up their prescriptions all at the same time… And I got another big wave of anxiety and feeling “off”. It wasn’t a good feeling. I was starting to feel restless, anxious and unwell. I decided to deep breathe and calm myself long enough to get my prescriptions since I was already there – then run home.

I still had 3 people ahead of me in line – now about 2:25pm – and it dawned on me to look around at others. People were agitated seeming, fidgety and anxious – unsettled is the perfect word for it.

It was then that I said – this isn’t just me. Something is “off” on an energetic level and I am not the only person feeling this. So I put an energy bubble around myself, blocking earth energy and blocking the energy of those around me. The result was me feeling composed enough to get my prescriptions.

I tried running one more errand and it didn’t work because the unsettled feeling hit me physically and by 2:50pm I had to waive the white flag, give up and go home.

I got home around 3:15pm and chilled out on the couch for a few minutes. And then about an hour later I decided to check the news on my phone. It was then that I saw a headline that Mexico had a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. I was shocked, but then it all made sense. We were all feeling something was off with the earth energy. We were all feeling something – unsettled, agitated, anxious and then it hit.

Unfortunately, after just checking an article to double check my facts on the magnitude of the earthquake – deaths were reported to have happened that day.

The reason I write this is because I want you all to know that we feel earth energy, her shifts and happenings. Some might say they are not intuitive, energy sensitive, etc. but I am willing to bet that most people sense this type of shifting and instead of ignoring it, honor it. Give yourself more credit and start learning to trust your vibes and your intuition.

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Thoughts & Feelings as of Recent

I titled this very vague because I have been meaning to write and post but I haven’t gotten into my new habit of blogging yet. I used to blog constantly, so I know that will come back.

I just want to note that I have strong opinions on certain matters BUT I am not someone who would turn away a client because they have opposing views unless they were of an extreme nature. If you have questions you can email me as I have had clients email me asking if I will still work with them and in most cases – it is a yes.

First was Trump’s State of the Union Address… why he was clapping for himself constantly throughout the whole thing I will never understand. And why he had to do the clapping into the microphone, I don’t know. And then he tried taking credit for things he didn’t do and tried to divert attention to other matters while also trying to get the Democrats on his side and clap for him – it was just a mess. The fact checks came out about it and just validated my thoughts while watching it.

I am not a fan of Trump because I feel like he is in way over his head, he is a bigot, a racist, an adulterer and a perv, and he can’t keep his mouth shut. He is also not for helping other countries, he is destroying our relationship with the world, he has trouble helping his own country, and he is going to end up getting us bombed by another country if he keeps up the way he is going.  (This is just the tip of the iceberg.) At this point I am hoping he gets impeached but I don’t know if Pence would be any better.

Second – Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl half time show: Why people have beefs about it not being as flashy and fancy and stuff as his other shows is beyond me. People were afraid of what his performance was going to be like, in that they weren’t sure it would be family friendly and clean – but he delivered a great A+ performance – clean as can be and I don’t think people should be complaining about it. They got exactly what they asked for. As as far as the Prince projection onto the sheet goes – if Prince’s family approved it before the show and if they liked it … then what is the problem?

What was next? I am tired of people grumbling about the Olympics and how American’s aren’t winning as many medals as they wanted. And people are wondering why we aren’t winning … well – maybe we aren’t winning because it is possible for people from other countries to be better than us at things. They are better so they get the medals. Simple as that. And I am happy for those that win them – even if they are from another country. Everyone who goes for an Olympic medal works incredibly hard – before, during and after the games, and that should also be recognized.

Food research – could there be any more confusing (and conflicting) information out there about food? What is good food, bad food, etc. I have heard a lot of “high fat, high protein” from doctors as of recent and I hated it when I tried it. And I couldn’t understand why it was recommended. And then tonight my fiance and I watched a documentary on Netflix “Fed Up” which was great and all about sugar. Sugar is awful and it is in everything. It is also contributing to metabolic issues like diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart issues, obesity, etc. I am doing continuing research on food and I will keep you posted on that.

I helped a lady for a few months and she was nice. I knew she was a Trump fan but didn’t hold that against her because she was nice and good to her clients. Then after about 4 months of helping her, I heard her say a few things that I couldn’t believe came out of her mouth: 1. We shouldn’t help other people or other countries, 2. People from third world countries shouldn’t be able to reproduce and 3. When Trump called various countries “Sh*t-hole countries” she said ‘it is getting harder to defend him’ and more. (Yes, more.) But it was the third world country thing that really pissed me off. I can tolerate some negativity and bigotry but she went way to far. Thankfully it wasn’t soon after that that she told me she didn’t need me anymore and we parted ways (actually it was later that day). But I (and my family) gave me kudos for not flipping out on her while I was there.

We NEED to help other countries, we need to build positive rapports with other countries and be in a great alliance with them. We need to honor the fact that America is diverse and that we are a great melding pot of ethnicities and that is one of the many things that makes us great. We also can’t say that Global Warming doesn’t exist – the poor polar bears alone would agree that Global Warming exists and we can’t ignore things like gun control.

Yes, I am going there. People and children are dying because guns are getting into the wrong hands. Yes, there are some people who are responsible gun owners but there are likely more people who are irresponsible than responsible. And the fact that Trump signed something to nix the law of mental health background checks to get guns (I didn’t read the whole article, it just pisses me off), says that he has no interest in really getting control on guns. Hopefully the protests going on now and upcoming will help him see that things need to change.

In essence, what I have noticed a lot recently is that money speaks too loudly. They let the food companies dictate our foods, our consumption, what advertisements we and children see, etc. and they don’t regulate it because it would make the big food companies mad. Then we have gun situations where no one will touch it because they are probably getting money to keep things the way they are from certain organizations.

Money is just corrupting us – that and poor leaders and no real leadership. It is like no one has the bal*s to just start questioning things, changing laws (even if it means losing money or making corporations mad) and standing up for us – to actually make this country awesome. No one has the guts to make America awesome – they all talk but no one has really delivered yet. American is great but American can be even better. Instead we have a horrible mental health system, that I have seen and be a part of because of myself and family members and the mental health system sucks; we have horrible gun laws, and we have no good – and real – food regulation, our healthcare system is designed to only be a money maker….  (And this is just another tip to the iceberg.)

I love America and being an American but like all countries, we have our flaws (and some of them are huge) and they need to be addressed.

I was also in attendance of a City Council Meeting (for Everett, MA) where the School Committee needed 5 million dollars transferred to them because 8 million went missing. WTF is up with that? Everett has a Mayor and Superintendent that both need to get impeached or thrown in jail or something. Somehow our Mayor isn’t in prison (because he is known for awful things he has done that the Boston Globe has touched upon) and the Superintendent has been losing money and been doing illegal things with money for years – and yet they reelect him every year and they never question him. It is amazing…

This is where I stand:

  • I like diversity. I find different cultures, ethnicities, religions, lifestyles, etc. to be great. I love learning about them and even adopting some of their ways into my own life. When we actually open up to the people around us and we appreciate them for who they are, you can learn a lot and one thing you will learn is that we are all connected, we are all similar, in a lot of ways we are the same and we all want the same things – peace and love. I am the opposite of a bigot.
  • I like volunteering and helping others. I like that the USA is known for sending aid and help to other countries who need it. We are all here on this planet that we share and we all need to be here for each other.
  • Trump didn’t want to be president, but he is and it isn’t going well. I am not a Trump fan – actually I think he is an idiot with a twitter account who cannot keep his mouth shut. He is making us a selfish country with his “American First” bullsh*t. And, I kind of feel bad for his wife.
  • Food, food companies and the government should only want what is best for our health and wellness. A lot comes to light when you watch documentaries, read research, books and articles and you learn that everything is about money and how it is all connected monetarily. Sugar, fat, meat (especially fatty, non-organic meat), cholesterol and saturated and trans-fat are all contributing to killing us. Organic meat in small quantities is okay in moderation, some fat is necessary – good fat though from nuts/seeds, small fish, and healthy oils like unrefined organic coconut oil are all okay and we need them but in small quantities. Sugar and highly processed refined carbs we can do without. But if they can keep us gaining weight, sleeping less, craving more, then they make more money. We buy it because we crave it (they hire people to make foods very addictive, btw), we have to go to the doctor more because we feel like sh*t (more money), we sign up for diet plans and stuff to lose weight (more money) and it works until you gain it all back and the cycle continues. It is all about making money and keeping certain companies, corporations, and organizations happy. It isn’t about what is actually best for us and that makes me sad.
  • I also love animals and I think adopting animals, treating them well and properly (not abusing them) and giving them love and a loving home is important.
  • I wonder why they let cigarette companies stay in business when they should be banned – but it is money. Not just for the cigarette companies but for the companies that help you quit smoking, and the pharmaceutical companies that make drugs to help people quit. Money.
  • But then I wondered last year – why doesn’t Massachusetts tax alcohol? I don’t know if it is just MA or the whole country, but that could bring in a lot of revenue. Something else they would never ban but they also don’t tax it. And yes, if we are nixing cigarettes we should nix alcohol too. BUT we should also nix sugar, artificial sweeteners, seemingly natural sweeteners, all trans-fat and bad oils/fats, and stop the sale of meat from animals who lived in poor conditions, were fed awful food in large quantities, not allowed to move, given growth hormones, live around their and other animal feces, and were susceptible to diseases and infections that they were all injected with antibiotics for.
  • I love Valentine’s Day. Some people hate it if they are single, or because they think it was just created by the greeting card companies. But in my mind it is a day dedicated to celebrating love. And even when I was single, I loved Valentine’s Day because i appreciate and love any day that is dedicated to celebrating love.

I truly hope that our country starts to improve, to get rid of the “America First” attitude, to reunite with other countries, to get our heads out of our as*es and stand up for systems and real regulations that work and make sense – even if it means upsetting certain organizations and corporations and to just create a SAFE, PEACEFUL, and HEALTHY country that is one with the rest of the world and that sets a good example for them as well.

That is my rant. I am done for now.

Next I will be posting about premonitions, validations and earth energy shifts.

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Inspiring Women (& Men too)


You might be wondering “Jess, who are these inspiring women?”

I have a list of them actually. I have to mention that all these ladies are equally inspiring and they are not in any actual particular order.

0130181531.jpgThe woman who inspired me to create a passion project [The Lotus Project], I have this page taped up to my dry-erase calendar along with a few others to keep me motivated.

This article below is from the February 2018 edition of Health Magazine:


The next inspirational woman is Rachele Cateyes for being awesome. I used to follow her blog years ago but then a few things happened and her blog wasn’t online anymore. Anyway, she is online now and has been for awhile. She inspires me big time: rachelecateyes.weebly.com

Then we have Brooke Shields who has a great article in Health Magazine also. She rocks!

Next we have Hillary Clinton. Now, I know some people really hate her and I do not support how she handled the sexual harassment problem during her campaign (something I am waiting for her to apologize for) however thankfully he did lose pay and other things. But still, he should have been let go, in my opinion.

The reason I like Hillary so much is because she is a powerful woman. I liked Bill as a president even though it seems he can’t keep his eyes (and other things) on his wife and I don’t like that about him – and I never understood why she stays with him… but getting back to Hillary… she ran for president twice and she fully went through the campaign and won the popular vote by a landslide but lost the electoral college and she still shows her face everywhere. Why? Because she is awesome. Here is a woman who had and has her life under a microscope (like a lot of people do) and she didn’t run, she didn’t hide, she stayed present and out there – even after she lost. And despite her husband being a little awful, we need to separate her from him and see how great she is individually. I think she would have been an amazing leader and other countries would still like us, most ethic groups wouldn’t hate us and we wouldn’t be one tweet away from getting bombed by another country.

Next we have Dr. Amy Myers MD. I watched her special on PBS this past weekend and she inspired me to incorporate even more things into my plan for better health. (More about my plan for better health later.) She is a physician that has an autoimmune disease and reversed it so she is in great health and feeling well. I got her books on Amazon and am already working my way through the pages.

There is an intuitive I get email newsletters from – Tori Harman – and she is following her passion. She has programs, a deck of cards, and a lot of offerings for those who want to improve their lives, enhance/awaken their intuitive abilities and more. And despite what others want or expect her to do and offer, she always follows her intuition and what she wants and that inspires me.

Inspiring men:

The Dalai Lama is someone I am very inspired by. I am bummed that his app isn’t for Android because I would love to get it. He is such a wonderful person inside and out. He projects and practices love and compassion for everyone and every being in this world – even people who don’t like him. And he always wants what is best for the world and tries extremely hard to get people to come to a peaceful place where they can mend fences, and better the world as a whole.

If you like the Dalai Lama and Buddhism – and if you like fiction – you have to read the book series called: The Dalai Lama’s Cat by David Michie. It is a wonderful series that will have you hooked from page 1. (Also inspiring, btw.)

David Ortiz (of the Boston Red Sox). I started watching the Sox back in college and it just happened to be the year we won the World Series. From the moment I started watching the Sox, David Ortiz was by far my favorite player. Even when he had some moments where he was off his game, I always said “don’t give up on him, he will come back” and he always did. He gave the team 110% and I am grateful we had him on our team and still working with the organization today. Not only does he help others and reach out to the community, David Ortiz was the one, after the Boston Marathon bombing, who got in the field at Fenway and said “This is our F**king City!” and the chills in that moment were just something beyond inspirational that made me speechless. I heart David Ortiz and he is still my favorite Red Sox player.

I know there are more – like my dad who prevails and keeps fighting the fight no matter how much is thrown his way. The saying that “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle” is something I think resonates with me for him because there have been many instances when I wondered if he was given more than he could handle but he always prevails. I am grateful to have him for my father and I am grateful for his support in the past and his ongoing support through the present and future. This is someone who would give his arm to you if you needed one and his dedication to his family and friends is not something you see everyday in most people. He inspires me because I know, no matter what is thrown my way, I can overcome it and prevail. And he inspires me to help others too, even if my plate is already full. Go dad!

And my fiance who spends his time working with people who have mental health issues. Inspiring them to live their best life, supporting them through good times and bad, and helping them not only see their full potential but also to help them uncover and achieve their life long goals. Not to mention his supporting of his family, of me and everything he does for everyone around him. I am grateful to have found a great man to spend the rest of my life with. He is an honest person, loving and kind, very patient and I am grateful to have him in my life too.

Inspiration is everywhere if we look. This is just the tip of the iceberg of things and people who inspire me.

Until next time.


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She’s back…

Abstract colorful vector background

I have felt some really heavy pull to get my online presence back – but even better than it was before. So, after watching “comeback” commercials while watching TV (especially during the Grammy’s – my fav) and realizing one of my fav inspirational women is back online too AND also being not only inspired by them but in addition, being inspired by a few articles in Health Magazine this month (Brooke Shields rocks btw) and the mom who has a “passion project”… I just had to stop dragging my feet and get the ball rolling.

With that, welcome to Chronicles of a Psychic Medium – Part 2 (or Chapter 2).

And if you missed my old blog posts from 2009-2013 you can download them in PDF format above for $11.11.

More soon.


Site Updates

I Am Grateful for You! Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving! Now (and the last handful of days) are great reminders for us to be grateful for what we have and who we have in our lives.

I am truly grateful for everything in my life  – past and present.  And I am incredibly and truly grateful for you!

In light of the popularity of the 50% off coupon code – plus how awesome you all are – I decided to just make the whole site 50% off – NO COUPON CODE NECESSARY until January 11, 2018 (1/11).  The discount is automatically applied in your cart. And coupons are disabled.

Thank you all for being awesome and for sticking with me through thick and thin.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend.