Withdrawals from Food & Making Decisions

Food, Weight & Withdrawals

Since the food patch testing, I have given up potatoes, flaxseeds, walnuts, chocolate, and a lot of added sugar.

I have gone to a few doctors appts to check up on things like the endometriosis and as some of you know – when your insurance changes you sometimes need new docs. So I met a new GYN and she was very kind and actually gentle (thankfully). I am still recuperating from that appt because the endometriosis doesn’t enjoy being disrupted at all. But it is fine. In fact, it is not anything close to the worst I have experienced with GYN endometriosis appts.

Because I have been without the foods I crave the most (like potatoes) I have had periods of days where I have a constant headache. I know it is from giving those up. My body is in a detox state and it really wants potatoes. (I am craving them all throughout the day.) My regular doc suggested I take 250mg of vitamin C to help the body with the detox and also lessen the headaches and other withdrawal symptoms. Taking the vit C does help actually. It takes the edge off which is great.

While changing my eating habits and nixing foods, I am also working on losing some weight. It creeps up like crazy, sometimes 4 pounds overnight (but it never goes back down). I suspected a kapha imbalance (kapha is one of the three ayurvedic energy systems). But I kept being told by my doctor and ayurvedic doctor that I am primarily vata – which needs a high fat, high protein diet. I did that for over a year and did nothing but gain weight. So I decided to go with my gut feeling and trying to balance the kapha imbalance (we are comprised of ALL 3 doshas – energy systems – so I may be vata primary but this imbalance may be kapha in nature).

So what am I doing to balance kapha and aid myself in weight loss? I am counting calories using a tool like SparkPeople. There are others out there like MyFitnessPal which are both free. I tried counting calories and doing weight watchers in recent months with no results. But in reading The Allergy Solution by Leo Gallard MD, realized the secret food allergies I had might have been hindering my weight loss efforts.

Being without potatoes and other hidden allergies, I think the attempts at losing weight will be fruitful again.

I did some reading on Banyan Botanicals website where they gave some tips for helping balance kapha for weight loss. So using their tools I am trying to get to bed before 10:00pm (being a night owl, this is hard). I am also trying to get up earlier (also hard, lol). And I am trying to stop eating at 7:00pm.

I also got out my fitness tracker and am counting steps. Having fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome – exercise tends to bite me in the a*s, so I opted to go for 5000 steps per day for 1 week and see how I feel. If I am fine I may increase it to 5500 or 6000 but listen to my body.

In summary to help health and lose weight I am:

  • Nixing foods I have allergic reactions to (through both skin scratch testing via the allergist and also food patch testing).
  • Taking vitamin C 250mg to help take the edge off withdrawal symptoms from giving up potatoes and most sugar
  • Trying to get to bed before 10:00pm and slowly getting up earlier day by day to get to 6:30am-7:00am.
  • Listening to my body and aiming for 5000 steps per day for 1 week and then maybe increasing the goal week by week.
  • Tracking calories through free online trackers and making sure I either weigh my food with a digital food scale or measure out each portion.
  • Trying NOT to take a nap during the day, especially during kapha time 6:00am-10:00am and 6:00pm-10:00pm.
  • Leaving the endometriosis alone to heal post appointment.


Making Decisions

In recent days and weeks I have felt bad for changing my pricing schedule so much. I recently realized I needed to stop trying to be like other people and asking others around me what to charge for prices. (And I have asked a lot of people…)

My lack of decision making doesn’t just center around pricing – it centers around everything. Making decisions is something I have trouble doing. And when asked “what I want to do” – I have no answer for you. Years of therapy only got me so far as to realize my childhood and growing up in a home with a dissociative mother (who also had depression and multiple personalities), growing up fast and being somewhat codependent, I never really developed a sense of what I want to do with myself. I was busy with middle school and then high school, helping my father take care of my sister, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and helping my dad as much as I could. It started when I was around 13 years old. – The positive is that I am very domestic and can take care of a house like a pro. 🙂

I love doing readings, Reiki, etc. but it is only side work (very part time) and only generates minimal income. I wouldn’t give it up though because it feels right in my heart to do this work.

So in looking for other work to do – like full time work – I get asked what I am looking for in a job and I have never come up with an answer. It is easier for me to see what others are doing, or what they did to find success, etc. and see if I can do it too, than to come up with something on my own. So I apologize for confusion around pricing, my lack of decision making is a little annoying but bear with me.

In making decisions this morning, I decided I don’t like the higher prices. I also don’t mind low prices for a limited time. But I like the regular average pricing I have had before because it makes it easy for clients to buy my services regardless of their financial situation. I don’t want to make it hard for people to get my services.

I understand why others do want to make it harder for people to buy their services but that intention just is not in my heart.


I do have some cool things in the works. I have been spending a ton of time creating directories. One for Psychics and Intuitives, the other for Natural Living Professionals. I will let you know when those are up and running.

Stay tuned for more!


P.S. Happy First Day of Summer!!


I Tried Food Patch Testing and This Is What Happened

As having recently been diagnosed with yet another issue, this time Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) I was doing my usual online research to see what I could do to help it.

In my search I found an article on HuffPost written by a doctor (Leo Galland, MD) who says that allergies can sometimes cause our symptoms for a variety of issues – sometimes even CFS. Intrigued, I figured I would look up his book and see if it was on Hoopla for borrow.

Thankfully, it was available for borrow and I began reading it right away. After reading the first few chapters, I decided I needed to go to an allergist for testing. The last time I had allergy testing (skin scratch testing) was about 9 years ago, so I knew I was due. I made the appointment and was able to get in within a week.

The results of the skin scratch testing were simply what they were before – an allergy to mold and dust/dust mites.

According to Dr. Galland, sometimes being allergic to something environmental (like mold) means we shouldn’t eat certain things that are relative to them. In my case it would be anything related to mold. It was determined that I didn’t have any life-threatening allergies (thankfully!), and that I outgrew my cashew allergy. So I was offered food patch testing as an optional addition to see what would happen on a delay – I declined.

When I got home I looked up Food Patch Testing and figured I could do it from home. I figured, the allergist ruled out the worst stuff and life-threatening stuff, so I could do this on my own. I also got a picture of what the results could look like and what the results meant.

I went to the grocery store and picked up a bunch of tiny baby food bottles (organic) for things like: peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. and then I bought literal veggies like: a potato, tomato, lemon, lime, etc. and I also bought some nuts I never consume: walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and also peanuts (which I always consume).

Before this last testing, I was allergic to cashews and this time I wasn’t. It is a good thing, but I am still going to stay clear of them just in case.

It is worth noting, you need to shower before skin patch testing but no lotions or scents. And you need to keep these foods on you (dry – without getting them wet) for 2 days. The idea is to test food for a delayed reaction. So no showering for 1-2 days. An allergist typically does this on your back but I did it on my arms so I could see them.



The Food Patch Testing

I got out little Dixie cups and put them out on the counter in the kitchen. I also bought 2 boxes of waterproof bandages that cover 360 degrees, so everything would be kept secure and dry. I then started labeling the tiny cups and putting small quantities of food in each one. I ended up with 27 of them.

I then got a pen and wrote down each food on my arm, put a tiny bit of the food on my arm, completely covering each with a bandage.


Now we wait.

At first, I was fine. I felt stupid because my arms looked ridiculous, but I made sure I had no where to go for that day and a half.

About 27 hours in, I started getting puffy and itchy on one spot and I had a “you have got to be kidding me” moment. I decided to keep going until the second day so I left it there. In the morning once time was up, I wrote down each spot on a sheet of paper and wrote my reaction to each one.


The results were in

The biggest surprise to me was that one spot – itchy, fierce, red, puffy and breaking out.

Much to my surprise and with a big eye roll- it was a potato.

Being gluten free, dairy free and egg free for health reasons, I eat a lot of products with potatoes in them. Much to my surprise, my body had a horrible delayed reaction to them. I felt oddly satisfied by the findings but also a little bummed because my foods just became a little more limited.

I also had a delayed reaction but not as severe to walnuts (which I don’t eat anyway because they make my mouth itchy). I also had a strong reaction to yeast.

I found my minor reactions were flaxseeds, chocolate powder and lemon zest – but not lemon juice.

Everything made a ton of sense to me. I ran out to the store and got some Benadryl cream to put on my arms (which are sensitive and allergy prone to adhesive from bandages) and the test was complete.

Here are a ton of pictures of the results. It is hard to tell from the pictures, you really needed to see it in natural light to tell.


I have been without the potatoes and other irritants for 2 days now and I am craving them all. I cut back sugar too because it feeds yeast/mold.

I gained a lot of knowledge from this test. I only recommend this after an allergist has ruled out the big stuff. An allergist can do skin patch testing for you and test you for more than just foods – sometimes over 60 items at once on your back.

I figured these would come out negative and I would only be red from the adhesive but I was wrong. In a good way. Now, I hope eliminating the irritating foods, over time (it could take several weeks) will help improve how I feel.

We learn new things every day. 😊


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Recipe: Chicken, Potatoes & Greens/Veggies – Gluten Free, Dairy Free [Instant Pot Recipe]

I have been making a delightful concoction in my Instant Pot and wanted to share this with you. [It is important to note that the Instant Pot is not “instant” at all, this is time consuming.]

The picture of it looks awful lol, but it actually tastes really good and is good for you. I will share 2 variations:

Variation 1 – Ingredients:

  • 1 lb organic chicken
  • 3 lbs small potatoes (white, russet, or red potatoes)
  • 1 small bag of organic baby carrots
  • 2 cups organic chicken broth
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Variation 2 – Ingredients:

  • 1 lb organic chicken
  • 3 lbs small potatoes (white, russet, or red potatoes)
  • 1 thawed bag of frozen organic broccoli florets
  • 1 thawed bag of frozen organic peas
  • 1 thawed bag of frozen organic whole green beans
  • 2 cups organic chicken broth
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Thaw the frozen veggies and wash (and cut) the potatoes.
  2. Put the potatoes in the Instant Pot first so they are on the bottom.
  3. Then put the thawed veggies and/or carrots on top of the potatoes.
  4. Lightly season with salt and pepper if you want.
  5. Next lay the raw chicken breast over the veggies so the chicken is on the top of the pile.
  6. Now, pour 2 cups chicken broth over the contents in the Instant Pot, then drizzle olive oil* in the Instant Pot too.
  7. Lightly season with salt and pepper over the chicken.
  8. Set the Instant Pot to “manual” for 45 minutes. Close the cover and make sure the cover is set to “sealing”.

The Instant Pot will take awhile to build its pressure and prep. Once it has finished building pressure it will start a countdown for the cooking itself.

After the full cooking is done, the Instant Pot will beep continuously to let you know. It will take about 1.5-2 hours total from the time you set it to manual, to the time it is done cooking (at least, mine takes that long).

Once done – DO NOT open the cover – flick the top switch/knob from “sealing” to “venting”. Let the Instant Pot vent out all of the pressure/steam from the pot before you open it.

After the venting is done, use a set of tongs or a good size cooking spoon to mix through the contents. It will be very hot – you may want to wait a bit before eating it.

Then enjoy!

*You can opt to wait on the oil and drizzle it in, mixing it in after the cooking is complete.

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Why We Have to Be Honest with Our Doctors

I don’t know about you – but when I go to the doctor and I am asked how I feel – my usual response is “I am fine.”

The problem is, I am not fine. I think this happens to a lot of us. We want everyone (even the people around us) to think we are fine or for them not to worry about us but in fact the “I’m fine” is not the truth.

I am writing this today because it dawned on me I should write something about a recent situation I experienced, in hopes it would help you too.

I go to the doctor regularly because I have a lot of health issues. In short – endometriosis, fibromyalgia, GI issues, food intolerances, anxiety, allergies and more. I go to make sure I am on top of things and if I need some help and advice. I also like to see if there are any new treatments (western, eastern, integrative, functional…) and if necessary – if I can try them.

Well, in April I was having family over for my fiance’s birthday and I wanted everything to be great. So I cleaned like a nut, I went to the store for food, I cooked like a nut, I got cake, and I decorated the apartment (also like a nut). The party happened and it was a success all around. And then after the party I cleaned again, like a nut (not letting anyone help me even though I was offered). And then I crashed. I crashed really awful actually.  The truth is, I pushed myself during the first round of cleaning, and further pushed myself to do everything else that day. Thinking I am superwoman on a mission and that I didn’t need help.

The aftermath of that (like most things I do) is that I get warm and run a slight low-grade temperature, my neck gets sore, I get severely fatigued, body hurts everywhere – especially legs, neck, shoulders, lower back, pelvic area, and I feel like I can’t move anymore and like I have been hit by a train. And this is just a “scratch the surface” example of what I felt that night or any given day actually.

After that day I asked my doctor to check for EBV again (Epstein-Barr Virus) to see if it was reactivated because that would explain the misery.

The results were in and we had determined, even though the results suggested a reactivation, Infectious Disease would have determined the EBV not reactivated. I was devastated. I was used to feeling awful and gross but I thought the EBV was still active in my system.

Then I figured it would be a good idea to tell my doctor a FULL and HONEST communication of what I was experiencing daily and what happens when I exercise, and what happens when I do too much, or even just trying to get through a day. The truth actually led her to tell me (what Infectious Disease would have told me) which is that I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).

I thought CFS was only horrid fatigue, I didn’t know it came with a TON of other debilitating problems. So after I did a little research on it, I knew that they were right.

I have been overdoing things and also secretly wondering what was extra wrong with me (on top of my usual issues) for the last 12 years. And at an attempt to find relief I have been to Naturopathic Physicians, Ayurvedic Doctors, Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalists and acupuncturists. I have tried medications, been to pain management, physical therapy, tried herbal remedies and million other things since 2006.

Come to find out, for the last 12 years, I have been dealing with a combination of fibromyalgia and CFS. And I didn’t know about the CFS end of things until I finally opened my mouth about my experiences and they told me what it is. Now we are working to help it.

Since the diagnosis I have made efforts to not do too much in a day. I let people help me with things like cleaning and I don’t try to kill myself exercising anymore (which would always come back to bite me in the butt.) I am currently on an elimination diet to see if any other foods bother my system.

Before 2006 I could workout like a nut. I loved exercise but since 2006 as time went on it got harder and harder because the repercussions would not be worth it. I used to get away with little sleep, which I don’t now and I could be superwoman and do everything myself.

From TCM I learned about my Chi and herbs, foods, and acupuncture to help me. (Using press balls, ear seeds, magnets, acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, food as medicine, gua sha treatments and more.) I also sometimes go for 6-8 weeks of acupuncture appointments or consult with my herbalist.

From Ayurveda I learned about foods, and other herbs to help me too. (Self-massage, oils, healthy foods for my dosha, herbs for GI/anxiety connection and balance, and more.)

From Naturopathy I learned I am gluten and dairy intolerant as well as vitamins B12 and D deficient.

From Pain Management, I learned I don’t like prescriptions for pain because they don’t actually help me with pain and they are useless. I hated them.

From Physical Therapy I learned that I can better myself physically and help myself through physical activity and stretching both for fibromyalgia stuffs and endometriosis (both were very painful appointments – but the endo PT appts hurt the most with pelvic floor muscle work, biofeedback, work with my legs and stretching, and she used to massage, kneed and pull at my belly scars to break up scar tissue.) As painful as it was, it did help a lot.

Where did it come from? I don’t know. I think it is somehow tied to the endometriosis (as I think everything I have is). I had problems with pain and stuff before 2006 but nothing this bad. And I had had Mononucleosis twice (yes twice, even though you’re not supposed to get it more than once) prior to this. And in 2006 is when I started getting Lupron Depot shots for endometriosis that made me feel like I was dying. So I connect it more-so with the lupron and the EBV/mono together but who knows.

What new things are we trying now? I am on an elimination diet as I said – for another week. Then we are working on getting me a sleep study because while I sleep fine, I wake up feeling like I never slept and I wake up in a lot of pain too. I have CoQ10 to try, my regular prescriptions for anxiety (zoloft) and endometriosis (aygestin). Plus my ayurvedic herbs (Bliss Tum from Dr. Desai and Innate GI Response), plus I take ginger, fish oil, probiotics, cranberry, sometimes cinnamon, vitamin D, vitamin B12, GABA, and sometimes a multivitamin.

What’s the point of this post? I went and suffered and struggled daily (in secret) pretending I was fine, thinking it was the EBV virus again since 2006. BUT it wasn’t until I was honest with my doctor that I got some answers and now have help and more hope. I want you to do the same and when you go to the doctor – BE HONEST and open and hold nothing back. You can get a lot of help that way. 🙂


[I also posted this on my other blog/info site HolisticPsychicMedium.com]

Marianne Williamson is Right – I am afraid of the light, not the darkness

I went online a few weeks ago and started browsing the catalog of the local library.

My primary search was holistic health; mind, body, spirit; Deepak Chopra; and how to heal.

I ended up reserving a lot of books. The one I started reading today is called “The Shadow Effect” by Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford and Marianne Williamson. I started reading it earlier and while everything was resonating with me, I got the vibe I needed to get my errands done. So I did. I ran out, I went to the UPS Store, the bank, the grocery store and the library to pick up more books. When I got back I played with our cat Jinx, made some gluten free cornbread and watched Frasier on Netflix. (Frasier is my favorite TV show.)

I then decided to check boston.com and cnn.com to see if any news headlines were worth reading. I am fascinated by the volcano in Hawaii right now. I think it is amazing (and also awful because it destroys homes, etc.) – thankfully no one has died because of this happening.

Anyway, while I was reading about the latest on the volcano, there was an article on the sidebar of CNN about earthquakes and how CA had 5 of them in one day all around the same time as each other.

I never gave up thinking about earthquakes or other natural disasters. In fact, I still get vibes about them. In my curiosity I read the earthquake article and knew it wasn’t over. Yet again, here I am with these earthquake vibes that make me a little frustrated. They make me frustrated because I don’t like them. I would rather not know things or feel things about them because it makes me feel a little weary. And I am hesitant to put the vibes online again after the whole 2012/2013 mess. (Which I am happy it didn’t happen BTW.)

In all of the over 200 vibes I posted online from 2009 to 2013, just one didn’t happen and I got ripped to sh*t online by trolls for it. I have people who still reach out to me, wanting to know what I am feeling, etc. because it can be of use to them and I wonder if I should start putting stuff out there again.

The scary thing for me is that since 2013 when I took my blog down more research has come out over the years validating what my visions were. It was thought – back then – that the earthquakes and disasters I was warning people about couldn’t happen because of the types of faults they are. But come to find out, everything I was seeing back then is possible and that is a scary thought for me.

I have had an hour long conversation with Judith Orloff (who is an empath and psychiatrist specializing in helping sensitive people) and she told me many things but the one thing she emphasized was that I needed to start seeing my abilities in a positive light again. Not see them as a burden, as negative, etc. And that I needed to shift this thinking and feeling. This is something I do struggle with but I am working on it.

Realizing I can help you guys, share my gifts and abilities, help you grow yours and forewarn you of danger are all positive things. I was afraid my attempt to warn people was received as negative. In fact I was also called a “fear monger” by a few trolls on Twitter. But I never ever intend on scaring people – only helping them. So if I do start doing things again like I used to (and even amp them up a lot), know I come from a good positive place. And if I can help someone prepare for a natural disaster in advance, I will be happy – even if it is just one person who puts together a safety kit.

After I read the CNN earthquake article I got the vibe that I needed to read something in the book I am reading. Granted I am only 24 pages in, so I felt the need to open the book to a random page and it was a whole section that spoke to me.

It was about how, as Marianne Williamson put “It is or light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” and that is true for me. I think it is true for a lot of people. Do you fear success? I do. I don’t know what it is that I fear about being successful but I will dig a little within myself to figure that out.

But this is why I am posting this. We need to rise up and be our true self even if we are afraid of peaking through the darkness and letting our light shine. Almost like if we were to be caught or found or discovered as being awesome – like it were a bad thing so we hide – but in essence it is a wonderfully positive thing.

No matter what we do we are usually met with some negativity or resistance but I have noticed recently; those are the things I need to do most.

I have been yelled at, put down and made fun of for playing the piano and practicing for hours on end. (I can really get caught up in it.) I have been told to “go with Jesus” like I am not with God even though my practice of healing, energy work and intuitiveness are only centered on God, Jesus and positive deities from many religions. I have been called a “fear monger” for trying to prepare people for natural disasters (while thanking God that specific ONE didn’t happen because it would have been the worst natural disaster in history) but in essence only trying to make sure we are prepared and don’t get to comfortable (for lack of a better wording). When things get quiet sometimes we let our guard down, when in fact we need to make sure we have our ducks in a row.

I read another article – 2 weeks ago – about how the Oakland area is due for a big earthquake. I was afraid to watch the Red Sox game that night … but I watched it anyway. But scientists are saying they happen consistently and that the time has come due.

My point of the “don’t get too comfortable” is that you can live your lives and do what you do – happily without fear. But don’t put away your earthquake kit because its has been awhile since the last one.

I have been told that I redo my website too often. Well, thanks to this, it is updated pretty regularly, it is highly functional, and it has come a long way since my first one in 2008 with Moonfruit as my host. I have also become so knowledgeable about making websites that I offer my services to others on the side. In fact, this past December I renovated the website of a local newspaper and am still maintaining it. And while I am pondering if I should switch from Weebly hosting and email marketing to Shopify and back to MailChimp … I know the change is something I can do because I can (I have done it many times before). I just don’t know if it is worth it functionality wise.

I have also been told to not post things online but then I meet these people with resistance because I WANT to put things online (but I am afraid to – I am living in the darkness).

But what would happen if I said f*ck it and emerged from the darkness so my light could shine bright as can be? I don’t know.

— I do want to say though that, on a side note, I do think something is brewing for CA – the ring of fire is a little hot right now for my liking. And the intuitive vibes I get and what I am hearing isn’t all that great. So dust off your kits – or make sure you have one all together. —

There was/is a reason why I was supposed to put my blog back online. I reposted EVERY SINGLE blog post I ever did on here. And the file was corrupted so I couldn’t do it automatically as a file import. I had to use the converted ebook I made (I had the blog .xml file converted to an ebook back in 2013) and I had to repost over 700 posts individually. But I did it. Why? I don’t know yet. I felt this strong need to put this all online again. So, we will see.

Reading back on this post I realized I wasn’t done. So the message here is to stop hiding in the shadows and let our light emerge. And how the things we are criticized for the most are probably those things we actually need to be doing the most. It is usually the biggest, most important things we do that get met with the most resistance.

Yes, I do still play the piano. Going on 22 years. Beethoven is my favorite and I like a good challenge piece.

Yes, I do still read people. I do still offer Reiki and I do still change my website when I feel like I need to.

No, as of recent I haven’t posted recent vibes but I think I need to.  And like anything else, it is important for all of you to stop fearing the light. Sometimes we get too comfortable hiding in the darkness.

Thank you Marianne Williamson

Namaste all

What is a Medium?

What is a Medium?

A medium is someone who can communicate with people who have passed on.

How a medium communicates with those who have passed on is different from person to person.

Similar to having psychic foresight and each person experiencing it differently, mediumship is experienced differently person to person as well.

Some people get guidance from the other side through thoughts (claircognizance). Some see images, videos and the like in their mind’s eye (clairvoyance) or they may see spirits like they see people. Some mediums who can see spirits like they see people sometimes have trouble discerning people who are alive and who have passed as they may look the same. This is another type of clairvoyance and seeing through the third eye chakra.

Other mediums may feel and sense spirits through clairsentience or empath feeling. While some may smell spirits around them (clairalience). In addition, some people hear spirits around them like they do people (clairaudience). Have you ever heard someone call our your name but no one was there?

How a medium connects with people on the other side differs as well in their process of connecting.

It is worth noting that there are different types of mediums as well.

Some mediums purely communicate and others let the spirit use their physical body so they can communicate themselves. There are other types as well.

Simply put, a medium is someone who communicates with those who have passed on and they can help bridge the physical world to the other side through energy and communication.

How do we become a medium? Can we become a medium? Is it something we naturally are or can it be taught?

More on this topic in later posts.


What is a Psychic?

What is a psychic?

A real psychic is someone who has the ability to sense and experience foresight. I emphasize “REAL” because there are some “psychics” out there that aren’t really intuitive and they give us a bad name with their scams. However, real psychics do exist and they are pretty cool.

How a psychic foresees something (like an event, life happening, etc.) is different from person to person. Some get the vibe through clairvoyance (clear seeing – through the minds eye), some through clairsentience (clear feeling – they would say “I feel something coming”) while others might have dreams that are premonitions of things to come.

It is worth noting that a psychic can experience foresight in other ways – for example through clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (thought), clairalience (smell) and more. – Sometimes a psychic will receive these vibes through a mixture of sensing and a mixture of abilities together.

Personally, I experience foresight through dreams (dreaming premonitions). I also experience foresight through clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience (sometimes mixed together all at once). It kind of hits me like a “oh crap!” moment (feeling) and then I will either hear thoughts and/or see through my mind’s eye whatever the situation/event is.

The term psychic has been given a bad rep over the years because of people who scam others out of money and who have no actual abilities. But rest assured, there are real psychics out there who want to help you and who can actually help you. Don’t let the few mis-intentioned stop you from either being your true psychic self or from getting guidance from a legit psychic.


Working on a new informational site Indigo Earth Spirit (.org)! Want to join me?

Welcome everyone to Indigo Earth Spirit (.org)!

My name is Jessica and I am a natural intuitive and holistic health researcher. My goal over the last several years was to create an informational website and share my knowledge with you.

I just started this today so please bear with me as I add content. If you want to be a contributing writer please email me some samples of work. This would be an unpaid gig but you can add a 300 character “about” you (bio) with a link to your website at the bottom of your submission.

My email is: Jess@IndigoEarthSpirit.org

What am I looking for? I am looking to add content about:

  • Holistic Health & Wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Gong
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Ayurveda
  • Massage & Bodywork
  • Reiki & Energy Healing
  • Nature, Earth, Environment, Plants, Gardening & Going Green
  • Animals & Pets
  • Food & Nourishment
  • Recipes (especially with allergy free alternatives, dietary restrictions, special diets, etc.)
  • Psychology & Physics
  • Alternative Medicine, Integrative Medicine & Functional Medicine
  • Building Digestion
  • Meditation
  • Vitamins, Herbs & Supplements
  • Crystals
  • Essential Oils, Aromatherapy & Flower Essences
  • Holistic Research
  • Stress Reduction
  • Spirituality
  • Paranormal
  • Intuition
  • Dreams & Dream Interpretation
  • Astral Travel & OBE
  • Psychic Foresight, Mediumship, Clairvoyance, etc.
  • Psychic/Intuitive Development
  • Psychic/Intuitive Grounding, Clearing, Protection
  • Chakras
  • Getting Creative
  • Creative works, music, writing, poetry, crafting, art, etc.
  • and more.

Got any ideas? Email me! 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you.