Marianne Williamson is Right – I am afraid of the light, not the darkness

I went online a few weeks ago and started browsing the catalog of the local library.

My primary search was holistic health; mind, body, spirit; Deepak Chopra; and how to heal.

I ended up reserving a lot of books. The one I started reading today is called “The Shadow Effect” by Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford and Marianne Williamson. I started reading it earlier and while everything was resonating with me, I got the vibe I needed to get my errands done. So I did. I ran out, I went to the UPS Store, the bank, the grocery store and the library to pick up more books. When I got back I played with our cat Jinx, made some gluten free cornbread and watched Frasier on Netflix. (Frasier is my favorite TV show.)

I then decided to check and to see if any news headlines were worth reading. I am fascinated by the volcano in Hawaii right now. I think it is amazing (and also awful because it destroys homes, etc.) – thankfully no one has died because of this happening.

Anyway, while I was reading about the latest on the volcano, there was an article on the sidebar of CNN about earthquakes and how CA had 5 of them in one day all around the same time as each other.

I never gave up thinking about earthquakes or other natural disasters. In fact, I still get vibes about them. In my curiosity I read the earthquake article and knew it wasn’t over. Yet again, here I am with these earthquake vibes that make me a little frustrated. They make me frustrated because I don’t like them. I would rather not know things or feel things about them because it makes me feel a little weary. And I am hesitant to put the vibes online again after the whole 2012/2013 mess. (Which I am happy it didn’t happen BTW.)

In all of the over 200 vibes I posted online from 2009 to 2013, just one didn’t happen and I got ripped to sh*t online by trolls for it. I have people who still reach out to me, wanting to know what I am feeling, etc. because it can be of use to them and I wonder if I should start putting stuff out there again.

The scary thing for me is that since 2013 when I took my blog down more research has come out over the years validating what my visions were. It was thought – back then – that the earthquakes and disasters I was warning people about couldn’t happen because of the types of faults they are. But come to find out, everything I was seeing back then is possible and that is a scary thought for me.

I have had an hour long conversation with Judith Orloff (who is an empath and psychiatrist specializing in helping sensitive people) and she told me many things but the one thing she emphasized was that I needed to start seeing my abilities in a positive light again. Not see them as a burden, as negative, etc. And that I needed to shift this thinking and feeling. This is something I do struggle with but I am working on it.

Realizing I can help you guys, share my gifts and abilities, help you grow yours and forewarn you of danger are all positive things. I was afraid my attempt to warn people was received as negative. In fact I was also called a “fear monger” by a few trolls on Twitter. But I never ever intend on scaring people – only helping them. So if I do start doing things again like I used to (and even amp them up a lot), know I come from a good positive place. And if I can help someone prepare for a natural disaster in advance, I will be happy – even if it is just one person who puts together a safety kit.

After I read the CNN earthquake article I got the vibe that I needed to read something in the book I am reading. Granted I am only 24 pages in, so I felt the need to open the book to a random page and it was a whole section that spoke to me.

It was about how, as Marianne Williamson put “It is or light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” and that is true for me. I think it is true for a lot of people. Do you fear success? I do. I don’t know what it is that I fear about being successful but I will dig a little within myself to figure that out.

But this is why I am posting this. We need to rise up and be our true self even if we are afraid of peaking through the darkness and letting our light shine. Almost like if we were to be caught or found or discovered as being awesome – like it were a bad thing so we hide – but in essence it is a wonderfully positive thing.

No matter what we do we are usually met with some negativity or resistance but I have noticed recently; those are the things I need to do most.

I have been yelled at, put down and made fun of for playing the piano and practicing for hours on end. (I can really get caught up in it.) I have been told to “go with Jesus” like I am not with God even though my practice of healing, energy work and intuitiveness are only centered on God, Jesus and positive deities from many religions. I have been called a “fear monger” for trying to prepare people for natural disasters (while thanking God that specific ONE didn’t happen because it would have been the worst natural disaster in history) but in essence only trying to make sure we are prepared and don’t get to comfortable (for lack of a better wording). When things get quiet sometimes we let our guard down, when in fact we need to make sure we have our ducks in a row.

I read another article – 2 weeks ago – about how the Oakland area is due for a big earthquake. I was afraid to watch the Red Sox game that night … but I watched it anyway. But scientists are saying they happen consistently and that the time has come due.

My point of the “don’t get too comfortable” is that you can live your lives and do what you do – happily without fear. But don’t put away your earthquake kit because its has been awhile since the last one.

I have been told that I redo my website too often. Well, thanks to this, it is updated pretty regularly, it is highly functional, and it has come a long way since my first one in 2008 with Moonfruit as my host. I have also become so knowledgeable about making websites that I offer my services to others on the side. In fact, this past December I renovated the website of a local newspaper and am still maintaining it. And while I am pondering if I should switch from Weebly hosting and email marketing to Shopify and back to MailChimp … I know the change is something I can do because I can (I have done it many times before). I just don’t know if it is worth it functionality wise.

I have also been told to not post things online but then I meet these people with resistance because I WANT to put things online (but I am afraid to – I am living in the darkness).

But what would happen if I said f*ck it and emerged from the darkness so my light could shine bright as can be? I don’t know.

— I do want to say though that, on a side note, I do think something is brewing for CA – the ring of fire is a little hot right now for my liking. And the intuitive vibes I get and what I am hearing isn’t all that great. So dust off your kits – or make sure you have one all together. —

There was/is a reason why I was supposed to put my blog back online. I reposted EVERY SINGLE blog post I ever did on here. And the file was corrupted so I couldn’t do it automatically as a file import. I had to use the converted ebook I made (I had the blog .xml file converted to an ebook back in 2013) and I had to repost over 700 posts individually. But I did it. Why? I don’t know yet. I felt this strong need to put this all online again. So, we will see.

Reading back on this post I realized I wasn’t done. So the message here is to stop hiding in the shadows and let our light emerge. And how the things we are criticized for the most are probably those things we actually need to be doing the most. It is usually the biggest, most important things we do that get met with the most resistance.

Yes, I do still play the piano. Going on 22 years. Beethoven is my favorite and I like a good challenge piece.

Yes, I do still read people. I do still offer Reiki and I do still change my website when I feel like I need to.

No, as of recent I haven’t posted recent vibes but I think I need to.  And like anything else, it is important for all of you to stop fearing the light. Sometimes we get too comfortable hiding in the darkness.

Thank you Marianne Williamson

Namaste all


What is a Medium?

What is a Medium?

A medium is someone who can communicate with people who have passed on.

How a medium communicates with those who have passed on is different from person to person.

Similar to having psychic foresight and each person experiencing it differently, mediumship is experienced differently person to person as well.

Some people get guidance from the other side through thoughts (claircognizance). Some see images, videos and the like in their mind’s eye (clairvoyance) or they may see spirits like they see people. Some mediums who can see spirits like they see people sometimes have trouble discerning people who are alive and who have passed as they may look the same. This is another type of clairvoyance and seeing through the third eye chakra.

Other mediums may feel and sense spirits through clairsentience or empath feeling. While some may smell spirits around them (clairalience). In addition, some people hear spirits around them like they do people (clairaudience). Have you ever heard someone call our your name but no one was there?

How a medium connects with people on the other side differs as well in their process of connecting.

It is worth noting that there are different types of mediums as well.

Some mediums purely communicate and others let the spirit use their physical body so they can communicate themselves. There are other types as well.

Simply put, a medium is someone who communicates with those who have passed on and they can help bridge the physical world to the other side through energy and communication.

How do we become a medium? Can we become a medium? Is it something we naturally are or can it be taught?

More on this topic in later posts.


What is a Psychic?

What is a psychic?

A real psychic is someone who has the ability to sense and experience foresight. I emphasize “REAL” because there are some “psychics” out there that aren’t really intuitive and they give us a bad name with their scams. However, real psychics do exist and they are pretty cool.

How a psychic foresees something (like an event, life happening, etc.) is different from person to person. Some get the vibe through clairvoyance (clear seeing – through the minds eye), some through clairsentience (clear feeling – they would say “I feel something coming”) while others might have dreams that are premonitions of things to come.

It is worth noting that a psychic can experience foresight in other ways – for example through clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (thought), clairalience (smell) and more. – Sometimes a psychic will receive these vibes through a mixture of sensing and a mixture of abilities together.

Personally, I experience foresight through dreams (dreaming premonitions). I also experience foresight through clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience (sometimes mixed together all at once). It kind of hits me like a “oh crap!” moment (feeling) and then I will either hear thoughts and/or see through my mind’s eye whatever the situation/event is.

The term psychic has been given a bad rep over the years because of people who scam others out of money and who have no actual abilities. But rest assured, there are real psychics out there who want to help you and who can actually help you. Don’t let the few mis-intentioned stop you from either being your true psychic self or from getting guidance from a legit psychic.


Working on a new informational site Indigo Earth Spirit (.org)! Want to join me?

Welcome everyone to Indigo Earth Spirit (.org)!

My name is Jessica and I am a natural intuitive and holistic health researcher. My goal over the last several years was to create an informational website and share my knowledge with you.

I just started this today so please bear with me as I add content. If you want to be a contributing writer please email me some samples of work. This would be an unpaid gig but you can add a 300 character “about” you (bio) with a link to your website at the bottom of your submission.

My email is:

What am I looking for? I am looking to add content about:

  • Holistic Health & Wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Gong
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Ayurveda
  • Massage & Bodywork
  • Reiki & Energy Healing
  • Nature, Earth, Environment, Plants, Gardening & Going Green
  • Animals & Pets
  • Food & Nourishment
  • Recipes (especially with allergy free alternatives, dietary restrictions, special diets, etc.)
  • Psychology & Physics
  • Alternative Medicine, Integrative Medicine & Functional Medicine
  • Building Digestion
  • Meditation
  • Vitamins, Herbs & Supplements
  • Crystals
  • Essential Oils, Aromatherapy & Flower Essences
  • Holistic Research
  • Stress Reduction
  • Spirituality
  • Paranormal
  • Intuition
  • Dreams & Dream Interpretation
  • Astral Travel & OBE
  • Psychic Foresight, Mediumship, Clairvoyance, etc.
  • Psychic/Intuitive Development
  • Psychic/Intuitive Grounding, Clearing, Protection
  • Chakras
  • Getting Creative
  • Creative works, music, writing, poetry, crafting, art, etc.
  • and more.

Got any ideas? Email me! 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you.



Referred Pain & Metaphorical Issues and Ailments

So you’ve been to the doctor and all of your medical professionals (of which they say everything is fine, nothing is wrong) and now you are wondering … why do I still feel this way? Well, here are some “out of the box” ideas that could be further explored by you and your healthcare professional.



The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. The purpose of this website is to promote broad consumer understanding and knowledge of various health topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

Indigo Earth Spirit (.org), its contributing writers, Jess, etc. does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions or other information that may be mentioned on this website. Reliance on any information appearing on this website is solely at your own risk.


Referred Pain

Sometimes (because the body is so well connected) we can get what is called referred pain. Referred pain is when something hurts or is bothering us but it is something else causing the pain. For example: Sometimes a toothache can be a sign of a heart problem. Essentially, you NEED to go to the dentist to have your tooth checked out if it is bothering you because you could have a cavity or something else (and with anything, it is better to take care of it sooner than later – so it doesn’t get worse. – But if the dentist clears you and says your tooth and oral health is fine, the next step would be to explore other causes – like sinus problems, allergies, jaw tension, neck tension, etc. And then if all the simpler possibilities check out, go to the next step which could be something like a heart issue, etc.

[This was actually spoken about in depth on an episode of Frasier – Season 10, Episode 7. But I did learn about it prior when dentists tell us about the correlation of our oral health to our cardiac health.]

Metaphorical Issues & Ailments

Sometimes when we think about what issues we are experiencing we might need to think further outside the box to what else could be the issue. In some instances we might think what we ate might be the cause of our digestive issues, when in fact there is something in our lives that isn’t “sitting well” with us or we got news or experienced something that we “aren’t digesting well”. The same can be said for almost anything. People with heartaches can be sad, lonely, and not have a literal heart problem. And stress and tension can cause dis-ease or exacerbate just about any issue or ailment.

Thinking back on the toothache above, if your dentist has cleared you and you have awesome oral health – you could also consider metaphorical meanings . Teeth are in our mouths – maybe having trouble expressing yourself verbally, maybe you are having trouble with food or fear around food or eating. The list is almost endless.

I learned about this from Louise Hay’s book and Dr. John Sarno’s book. There are books out there that give some possibilities as to metaphorical meanings like Heal your A-Z by Louise Hay  but if you think about it you can usually come up with some explanations.

The Mind is Very Powerful

Don’t forget how powerful the mind is. We can utilize our brains to do amazing things. Think about the placebo effect – if you think it will work, sometimes it does. And the opposite works too – for example if you eat something that might have expired, you start to feel unwell, but then find out it didn’t expire after all – you just made yourself feel unwell using your mind.

If you think it, you can manifest it. This is why it is SO important for us to keep our thoughts in check. Because if we aren’t thinking in line with what we want, then we might not get what we want or need. We might end up manifesting the opposite.

While we do have thousands of thoughts per day (according to Dr. Phil) we can use our own powers of mindful awareness to be aware of what we are thinking in that moment. And if we are thinking about something we don’t want to be thinking about – recognizing that and then changing that can help. And maybe over time you can end up training your brain to think more in line with how you want it to. Remember though, our brain and mind may always produce thoughts that come and go – not all of them will be fantastic or in line with what we want, but the most important part of it, is that we are aware of them, that we accept them and that we alter them – even if just sometimes.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda

Today (April 23, 2018) is a great example of how we can utilize TCM in our understanding of why we might be experiencing certain things. As someone who goes to acupuncture and has a Oriental Medicine Herbalist, I know we are in Liver season (Liver channel/qi not the actual liver organ). And this is a time when our allergies can be on the rise. When I wake up with allergy eyes and allergy sinuses I always say to myself – “Oh! It’s liver season again!” and I take my herbal prescription around moving and harmonizing live qi.

In Ayurveda it is Kapha season (Kapha is one of the 3 Ayurvedic doshas). Kapha time can also be high for allergies and it is our mission to help move Kapha energy (which is slow, heavy, and cold) by eating seasonal foods, lighter foods, getting exercise, and following a good daily routine (especially getting up before 6am because 6am – 10am is Kapha time).  We want to try to get up early because when Kapha time sets in from 6-10am, Kaphas heavy energy can make us feel heavier, sleepier, groggy, stiff, etc. and so try to get up earlier to avoid this feeling and accumulation.

Exercise and movement – even just walking – can help move Liver qi which also moves Kapha energy.


Most TCM information has come from my herbalist and acupuncturists over the years.


Ayurveda references are:


The Mindbody Prescription by Dr. John Sarno

Heal Your Body A-Z by Louise Hay

*There are no affiliate links on this post. I do not get paid to promote content.*

What are Chakras, Meridians, Elements and What is an Aura?

Within our body, we have spinning wheels called Chakras. There are 7 major Chakras, with a bunch of extra chakras within our energy system. Each Chakra has a designated area within your body, and it has a designated color and designated attributes.

First Chakra:

Name: Base Chakra

Color: Red

Designates: Grounding, roots, security, stability, bases (like: financial security, job security, feeling secure in yourself and within your life and creating a solid foundation/base)

Body area: Located just below genitals/pelvis.


Second Chakra:

Name: Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

Designates: Creativity, nurturing, sexuality, manifesting, emotional connection

Body area: Lower Abdominal area/reproductive organs.


Third Chakra:

Name: Solar Plexus

Color: Yellow

Designates: Power, your personal power, and the center of chi flow

Body area: Stomach


Fourth Chakra:

Name: Heart Chakra

Color: Green (and/or Pink)

Designates: Love (unconditional), feeling loved, feeling appreciated, experiencing love, forgiveness, trust, compassion and letting go

Body area: Heart, chest


Fifth Chakra:

Name: Throat Chakra

Color: Light Blue

Designates: Communication, expression, releasing, communicating truth

Body area: Throat and/or Neck area


Sixth Chakra:

Name: Third Eye Chakra

Color: Indigo Blue, Blue/Purple Mix, Dark Blue

Designates: Vision, insight, clairvoyance, seeing, ideas

Body area: In between your eye brows


Seventh Chakra:

Name: Crown Chakra

Color: Purple

Designates: higher self, spirituality, spiritual connection, openness, and connection to healing energy and higher vibrations, inner knowledge

Body area: On top of your head


The other chakras I mentioned are located in places like:

  • The bottoms of your feet
  • The palms of your hands
  • One arms length above your head and more


Meridians are lines of energy that run throughout our entire body. They are  channels of energy that connect varying systems together. Channels can run from bottom to top or top to bottom depending on each one.

Along each channel are energy points that can help us heal, unblock energy, and so much more. The potential for healing using acupuncture is limitless and it is a true testament of the saying that “everything is connected.”




Your body has an aura. Your aura has many colors in it and sometimes you have one color more dominant than the others, but it differs person to person and which energy center(s) (chakra) are strongest. It is a reflection of your energy and it can expand out for many feet or it can be very close to you. How wide your aura is, also depends on you individually.

With practice you can learn to expand and contract your aura. Some people can see and/or feel them. You can learn a lot from your aura or the aura of someone else. Feelings you have about others, sometimes resonate in their energy, thus you are getting the feeling from their aura (or energy body).

Practice seeing auras: Relax your eyes and gaze ever so lightly on someone else’s energy- with focus but a relaxed focus. Now relax into an almost sleepy type state and see if you see anything. Some people can see auras and some cannot. Do not get down on yourself if you cannot see them- everyone is different.



I have never come across anyone who can see elements, other than myself. I have searched the internet for them and also books and have yet to find anything about them. I found some pictures online that closely resemble what they look like and I put them into one picture below.

Water: The Water energy is about your personal energy flow. I sometimes notice speckles of energy that might block channels for you, making it harder for your energy to flow, clear and cleanse itself.

Fire: The Fire energy radiates warmth and I feel it has to do with the proper radiance and balance of emotion and warmth. For example: If someone has a lot of fire energy in their heart chakra, they tend to be angry or exhibit “hot” emotions. By moving this energy outward and to extend to the whole energy body, it becomes more balanced and eliminates the concentrated energy in one area.

Earth: Earth energy is about grounding and being one with nature. When your earth energy is off, you are not well grounded, meaning you are likely floaty or feeling ungrounded.

Air: Air energy creates another set of flow within your energy body. It seems to keep everything happy and breathing is easy, clear and everything is balanced with regards to air and flow.


What is Reiki? Reiki is Energy

Reiki is energy from the universe. Much like how we talked about how everything in the universe runs on a vibration and everything is energy- Reiki is energy and it comes from the universe.

When you get attuned to Reiki, it opens your energy up to being a channel for Reiki. You receive Reiki and it flows through you. This means that you can channel Reiki through you, to heal yourself and others. Using energy from the universe, or Reiki, you can heal just about anything from physical, energetic/spiritual to emotional issues. I like to think of Reiki as a great addition to any treatment plan you already have going from your physician.

Energy and Food

Ever hear the saying- “You are what you eat”? Well, that saying means more than you might realize. Not only does it make a difference in the types of calories you consume, for example: 150 calories of French fries and 150 calories of carrots, but it also makes a difference in the energy you are consuming.

The way to visualize this is to think of food as energy. Because food has an energy all its own, your consuming those calories, means you are consuming that energy.

For example: The energy around most meat products isn’t positive because of the poor nutrition foods they are fed, the abuse the animals go through, and the taxing slaughtering process. All of that negative energy is in the meat that you are eating- over time it can affect you. I think some people, if they are sensitive enough, can feel the difference in the foods energy before or right after they eat it. That is why sometimes you feel heavy or bogged down and fatigued or lack of energy after eating things like fried foods and take out, junk foods and the like. Other things that can affect your energy would be things like: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and more.

I recommend as clean a diet as possible. This means less meat and animal products. If you absolutely have to consume meat and animal products, aim for organic, grass fed, free range meats and organic animal products like yogurts, cheeses, milks, eggs, etc. Otherwise, I recommend cutting them out of your diet if your physician agrees this is something that you can benefit from. But only do it if you get clearance from your physician. A clean diet also means: less preservatives, additives, chemicals, dyes, etc. and more natural foods like: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, nut butters, dairy free milk, gluten free grains, and more. I also recommend asking your physician if cutting out or cutting down on things like gluten, dairy, and soy can benefit you. Usually trying an elimination type diet can help you indentify foods that negatively affect you. Food items that seem to go through a long process and get over processed that you end up consuming and not benefiting from energy wise- simply because instead of eating something simple, you are eating something thoroughly complicated and over processed. Ask your physician.

About Energy and How Energy Works

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, and everything in the universe runs on a vibration. That vibration is called energy and it makes up everything from planets and stars to our own bodies. This theory flows with the popular physics theory called “String Theory”.

Because energy is within us, plants, animals, earth, trees, and everything around us- that means we can alter our energy and also receive energy. It also means we can be a channel for energy, we can heal ourselves with energy, we can heal others with energy and more. The possibilities are endless.

When you think about it, if we are all made up of energy, we are all interconnected. The web that connects us all through energy, can also be healed- meaning we can help one another from anywhere in the world and we can send healing to everyone around the world, simply because we are all connected.

Ripple Felt around 12:15pm EST

Yesterday I threw a birthday party for my fiance and I was getting together some leftovers to give out when I run out today. And this was around 20 minutes ago, but while I was getting things together I felt an energy boom that looks and feels like someone dropping something in water and we see the ripples come from it.

Last time I felt this kind of energy ripple I believe London had an attack and it was over a year ago. They don’t happen as often as some other things I feel (thankfully). But I was thrown off and caught off guard for 2 minutes when I sighed and said to myself – that was just a ripple.

Did you feel it or see/sense it?

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